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Tag: gun violence

MoveOn Gun Owners Appear Beside President Obama at White House As He Announces Executive Actions to Curb Gun Violence

Joining the president in the East Room today are gun owners and survivors representing the millions of responsible gun owners nationwide. WASHINGTON, DC – Members of Gun Owners for Gun Control, a 32,000-member initiative by MoveOn.org to mobilize responsible gun owners in the fight for stronger gun safety laws, are joining President Obama at the White […]

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32,267 Gun-Owning MoveOn Members Launch Effort to Push for Common Sense Gun Control Measures

Update: As of Nov. 14, more than 32,000 gun-owning MoveOn members have joined the effort. MoveOn: “The voices of responsible gun owners need to be heard to help challenge the myth that the NRA speaks for them.” More than 21,151 members of MoveOn.org who are also gun-owning citizens launched an effort this week to push for common-sense […]

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