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Tag: gun violence prevention

How MoveOn members are taking action against gun violence

THANK YOU to the tens of thousands of MoveOn members who’ve contributed to our work supporting student-led organizing and working more generally to confront the NRA. MoveOn has a history of confronting the NRA and working to make real progress in fighting gun violence. Since the massacre in Parkland, MoveOn members have stepped up to […]

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32,267 Gun-Owning MoveOn Members Launch Effort to Push for Common Sense Gun Control Measures

Update: As of Nov. 14, more than 32,000 gun-owning MoveOn members have joined the effort. MoveOn: “The voices of responsible gun owners need to be heard to help challenge the myth that the NRA speaks for them.” More than 21,151 members of MoveOn.org who are also gun-owning citizens launched an effort this week to push for common-sense […]

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