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How MoveOn members are taking action against gun violence

THANK YOU to the tens of thousands of MoveOn members who’ve contributed to our work supporting student-led organizing and working more generally to confront the NRA.

MoveOn has a history of confronting the NRA and working to make real progress in fighting gun violence. Since the massacre in Parkland, MoveOn members have stepped up to support the students in Parkland and young people around the country, while also pressuring corporations and Republican politicians to sever ties with the NRA.

Here is some of what MoveOn members have been investing time, energy, and money in recently—and more of what’s to come:

  • MoveOn members are mobilizing for the March for Our Lives on March 24, in D.C. and around the country, and also supporting national student-led actions on 3/14 and 4/20. MoveOn members around the country will be joining the events, and we’ll be asking MoveOn members to step up and be among organizers for local marches and actions that are looking for leaders.
  • MoveOn’s in-house Video Lab has produced, livestreamed, cross-posted, or shared 67 videos—which have been viewed more than 7 million times. One of our videographers livestreamed a student-led school walkout in Maryland that was seen by over 2 million viewers.
  • MoveOn members have been organizing via our online petition tool to direct pressure against corporations, Republican leaders, and others—in support of students and sensible gun violence legislation.
  • MoveOn members have called on companies to end their relationships with the NRA. More than 170,000 people have signed the petition asking FedEx to end its relationship with the NRA—and more than 20 corporations have already cut sponsorships to the NRA. This is on top of tens of thousands of calls MoveOn members have made to FedEx and First National/Visa. And we’re continuing the pressure on FedEx and other corporations.
  • Hundreds of thousands of MoveOn members have also called on Congress to pass a ban on assault weapons, called on the Florida Legislature to take action, and called on elected officials, including Florida Senator Marco Rubio, to return NRA donations.
  • MoveOn members are running other campaigns and launching other petitions around the country—asking schools to support students, asking cities to reject the NRA, and otherwise supporting meaningful gun laws—and students and teachers especially are accessing MoveOn’s tools and reaching MoveOn members through our new hub for students and teachers to launch related petitions.
  • MoveOn is distributing more than 30,000 “I stand with students” stickers for free—so that MoveOn members around the country will have a visible demonstration of their support for students in Parkland and around the country who are standing up to the NRA.
  • Recognizing that the Parkland survivors are part of a much longer tradition of young people organizing to end gun violence in their communities, MoveOn, powered by grassroots member contributions, donated $100,000 to  in grants to Black and Latino-led organizations working on gun violence prevention. These groups are: Black Youth Project 100, Color of Change SuperPAC, Community Justice Reform Coalition, Dream Defenders, Homeboy Industries, Life Camp, inc, Power U Center for Social Change!, Urban Peace Movement. We’re working to amplify the many other young people, especially black and brown youth, whose fierce and transformational organizing to end gun violence hasn’t been lifted up as much or received as broadly as the Parkland students’ has.

And in the weeks ahead, we are going to deepen our investment in this work:

  • Working closely with organizations led by people of color doing anti-violence work to connect the dots among the larger set of communities impacted by gun violence—and elevating leaders from these groups through social media and at events around the country
  • Driving tens of thousands more calls to corporations that maintain ties to the NRA and upping the pressure with partner groups at in-person actions at corporate headquarters
  • Investing deeply in our 2018 electoral program to end GOP control of Congress and deliver a rebuke to NRA-backed candidates—because ultimately, there need to be electoral consequences for those who stand with the NRA, and electoral victories will be critical for sustained progress on gun violence.