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MoveOn’s Electoral Work

A Short History
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MoveOn’s Electoral Work
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Highlights of MoveOn’s Electoral Work


“Bush in 30 Seconds” ad contest

bush in 30 seconds

MoveOn held a groundbreaking ad contest called “Bush in 30 Seconds,” where over one thousand MoveOn members submitted their own anti-Bush ads, which were judged by a celebrity panel.   The winning ad was scheduled to be aired during the Super Bowl halftime.  After CBS refused to air it, it was shown on CNN.

Moveon.org Presents Vote For Change Concert

Kathleen Hall Jamieson, a foremost political communications expert, called it “the ad that has achieved the most air time with the least dollars expended of any ad in the history of the republic.”

Major concert series

MoveOn also organized the “Vote for Change” concert series in 2004 featuring Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, and other major performing artists, registering and turning out thousands of voters.


Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 2.34.19 PM

Unprecedented voter mobilization

MoveOn member volunteers made 7 million phone calls, organized 7,500 house parties, and launched 6,000 in-district events. MoveOn developed a cutting- edge online tool for members to make calls from home and organized a weekly series of phone parties, where members gathered together to make calls on their cell phones.

“Caught Red Handed” campaign: ads and bird-dogging

MoveOn also ran a nationally recognized “Caught Red Handed” campaign to put the House in play by focusing the debate on the Republican representatives’ allegiance to special interests over their own constituents.   In addition, armed with giant red hands and signs, MoveOn members “bird-dogged” their representatives, following them to town hall meetings, appearances and fundraisers and calling them out picking corporate special interests over voters.


Endorsement of Barack Obama

MoveOn came out big, endorsing Barack Obama before Super Tuesday in an unprecedented primary endorsement member vote.

One of the most popular online political videos in history

MoveOn took advantage of innovative tech tools to develop a customized, viral “CNNBC” video, which allowed people to show their friends what it would look like if they single-handedly cost the election, and was viewed over 20 million times by Election Day.

barack obama

Major GOTV and recruitment efforts backing Obama

MoveOn members made 557,000 recruitment calls from home using our easy-to-use web tool and made 2.14 million calls at “phone parties” where members gathered, cell phones in hand, to call fellow members in battleground states like Ohio and Virginia.

MoveOn also recruited a quarter of a million volunteers across all 50 states for the Obama presidential campaign and engaged nearly a million MoveOn members for Obama.

Half a million people played MoveOn’s “Bush-McCain Challenge” quiz online, which showed how McCain would continue Bush’s legacy.


MoveOn also revived the concept behind the “Bush in 30 seconds” ad content and hundreds of members submitted “Obama in 30 seconds” ads.


RepubliCorp campaign, with bird-dogging, releases, and celebrity video

MoveOn led a multi-prong effort to brand the GOP as beholden to corporate special interests, dubbing the Republican party RepubliCorp, bird-dogging 100 events with Republican candidates, and releasing fifty “Stop the Takeover” reports to highlight electoral spending in specific states and districts by corporate front groups.  MoveOn also partnered with actress Olivia Wilde on a video which drew on the Facebook personalization technology MoveOn innovated with the CNNBC video in 2008.


Innovative social pressure tool and voter contacts

MoveOn released a powerful new tool, called the Vote Score project, reaching 12 million potential voters using a social pressure mailing to boost turnout and pairing it with a provocative online ad campaign.  MoveOn also led on a crowd-sourced progressive ballot guide, going further down the ballot than ever before to elect progressive champions at the local, state, and federal level.

MoveOn members also made more than 1.5 million phone calls to those in swing states and drove creative, rapid-response campaigning to paint Romney as an out-of-touch corporate One Percenter, including pioneering a new program—99Airlines—where members submitted and voted on ideas for airplane banner slogans and chipped in to fly 31 banners over Romney events.

MoveOn also produced an ad with Kerry Washington, Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson highlighting Romney’s extreme stance on women’s issues.

Curating progressive content

During this election cycle, MoveOn’s ShareMachine team scoured the web for shareable progressive content, generating 500 million views of progressive media, including 100,000 views of a MoveOn-produced video telling the story of the GOP’s effort to buy and steal the election.


“Supervoter” campaign

super voters

During the 2014 Election MoveOn launched the Supervoter ad campaign as part of a major effort by MoveOn members across the country to turn out women voters.

MoveOn members were featured in ads which ran in The Denver Post, The Des Moines Register, and The Charlotte Observer.

Millions of phone calls

MoveOn members volunteered and made over 6.76 million phone calls to turn out progressive voters in key states with hotly contested Senate races.

Fought back against the Koch brother’s attempts to suppress the vote

When the Koch brothers-backed group Americans for Prosperity mailed false voter registration information to hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians, MoveOn members fought back, chipping in to correct the misinformation by running ads and contacting voters.

We run a full-page ad correcting the misinformation that ran in North Carolina’s four largest newspapers. The newspaper ads featured Riziki Omonde, a 20-year-old college student at Appalachian State University, who has advocated to protect voting rights for students.

In addition, MoveOn ran a radio ad on the music-streaming site Pandora.


Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.42.56 AM

Run Warren Run

MoveOn Political Action is in the midst of running an unprecedented campaign to draft Senator Elizabeth Warren into the presidential race. Click here to find out more about the effort.

Much more to come…