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Author: Corinne Ball

Watch #YourVoteIsPower: Power in Action livestream series

Each Sunday leading up to Election Day, MoveOn will host a livestream event that will dig into the biggest issues facing our country and the most powerful opportunities we have for action, with movement leaders, celebrities, and issue experts. The full series will cover topics including our path to victory to win the White House […]

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How we move forward for a clean #DreamActNow

The Trump administration has continued to double down on a toxic and cruel anti-immigrant agenda, with policies that will break apart families, increase fear in immigrant communities, and leave the 800,000 immigrant youth who came to the U.S. as children at risk of being deported and torn from the only home they’ve known. One important […]

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Video: Dreamers respond to the end of DACA

When Donald Trump ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, he threw the lives of 800,000 immigrant youth into chaos and put them at risk of deportation. Watch the video to hear from Dreamers about what this means. Tell Congress to pass a clean Dream Act immediately to protect Carlos, Mariel, and 800,000 […]

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MoveOn statement on EPA’s comments on Keystone XL pipeline

MoveOn.org Civic Action Executive Director Anna Galland on the comments released today by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline: “The EPA’s official comments on the Keystone XL pipeline make it clearer than ever that this dangerous project would increase the carbon pollution that’s accelerating climate change. For years, MoveOn members […]

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Eric Garner’s Last Words

"I can't breath."

Eric Garner’s last words ring as a call to all of us—to pay attention and to act. Please share this with five friends who might not be fully aware of the protests that have erupted across the country, led by young people of color crying out for justice. LISTEN TO ERIC GARNER’S LAST WORDS Transcript: Get […]

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