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Watch #YourVoteIsPower: Power in Action livestream series

Each Sunday leading up to Election Day, MoveOn will host a livestream event that will dig into the biggest issues facing our country and the most powerful opportunities we have for action, with movement leaders, celebrities, and issue experts.

The full series will cover topics including our path to victory to win the White House and flip the Senate, the threat of disinformation and how to combat it, the most impactful actions we can all take together to ensure landslide Democratic victories up and down the ballot this year, and more. Click here to RSVP for the full series, or watch the previous livestreams below.


November 1: Every Vote Counts

This livestream, hosted by MoveOn Training Director Chris Percy, featured these guests:

  • Maurice Mitchell, National Director of the Working Families Party, spoke with MoveOn’s Executive Director Rahna Epting about this election and what comes next.
  • Journalist, author, filmmaker, and activist Naomi Klein spoke about the impacts of this election on our communities and the consequences for our climate.
  • Human rights activist Dr. Dayanara “Dee” Marte grounded us in the need for resilience as we look toward 2021.
  • Activist, comedian, and writer Baratunde Thurston spoke MoveOn’s Erica Mauter.
  • Actor Bradley Whitford spoke to the urgency of this moment.
  • Common Cause’s Izzy Bronstein spoke with MoveOn’s Lilia Malfavon to map out what voters can expect at the polls on November 3—and what to do if you or your family members encounter issues while casting their vote.
  • MoveOn’s Sonia Torres Rodriguez and Kenia Leon gave all the necessary information to help friends and family members cast their votes.
  • And more.


October 25: Try and Stop Us

This livestream, hosted by MoveOn Training Director Chris Percy and MoveOn D.C. Liaison Reggie Hubbard, featured these guests:

  • Senator Kamala Harris, vice presidential candidate and a longtime MoveOn ally, who spoke about the stakes of this election and how you can maximize your impact in this historic moment.
  • Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, our leader in the defense against Trump’s attacks on health care, who spoke about what this election will mean for Congress.
  • Actor and activist Mark Ruffalo, a leading voice on the climate crisis as well as a member of Marvel’s Avengers, who spoke about the power of early voting and why our votes are power.
  • Andy Slavitt, one of the foremost experts on America’s pandemic response, who spoke about the pandemic and its impact on voting.
  • And more, including the passionate Senator Cory Booker and inspiring first-term member of Congress Representative Ayanna Pressley.


October 18: Voting With Our People

This livestream, hosted by MoveOn Training Director Chris Percy, featured members of the “Hamilton” cast and MoveOn leaders:

  • Krystal Joy Brown, Lenecia Kebede, and Darnell Abraham from the national cast of “Hamilton” in conversation with MoveOn’s Cultural Director Michael Crawford about how this election is impacting Black and brown communities.
  • Mobilize to Win trainer Kenia Leon, who led a training to give you all the information and tools you need to help your friends and family make a plan to vote and ensure their votes are counted.
  • And others.


October 11: How We Win: Disrupting Disinformation

This livestream, hosted by MoveOn’s Training Director Chris Percy, launched the series with these guests:

  • Rashad Robinson, spokesperson for the Color of Change PAC, and MoveOn’s Executive Director Rahna Epting, in conversation about the state of election and how you can get involved.
  • Natalie Martinez, a renowned expert in navigating disinformation networks.
  • Kenia Leon, Mobilize to Win trainer, who led a training on how you can stop disinformation from spreading.
  • Representative Pramila Jayapal, who spoke with MoveOn’s Reggie Hubbard and Destinee Dickson about the state of Congress and what this election could mean for the country.