The video the NRA doesn't want you to see: MoveOn gun owners in DC

When 15 gun owners sat down with one of President Obama’s closest advisors last week, each one declared their full-throated support for stronger gun laws—and asked for the president to use his executive authority to strengthen background check requirements before the end of the year. Thanks to contributions from fellow MoveOn members, these gun owners […]

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Candidate Responses to Paris Terrorist Attacks

The MoveOn 2016 Presidential Forum was recorded before the tragic attacks in Paris and Beirut. We’ve included statements that participating candidates—Senator Bernie Sanders and Governor Martin O’Malley—made in the days following the attack. Secretary Hillary Clinton declined to participate in the forum and is not included here. Click here to view the full 2016 Presidential […]

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An update on our refugee work this week

[sent to MoveOn members on Nov. 21] Dear MoveOn member, Over the last week, in the wake of the horrific attacks in Paris and Beirut, we’ve seen many of our nation’s politicians rush toward fearmongering and bigotry. We have also seen MoveOn members and our partners at their very best—fighting fear with compassion on the […]

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MoveOn responds to Obama's veto threat of House refugee bill

Anna Galland, executive director of MoveOn.org Civic Action, had the following statement in response to news that President Obama would veto a House bill that would make it more difficult for vetted refugees to be admitted to the United States: “We stand strongly with President Obama on this one. MoveOn members will fight vigorously to […]

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MoveOn response to Gov. Maggie Hassan's remarks on refugees

Ilya Sheyman, executive director of MoveOn.org Political Action, had the following statement in response to New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan’s remarks on refugees: “It is incredibly disappointing to see Democratic Governor and Senate candidate Maggie Hassan join with her far right-wing Republican counterparts in threatening to refuse entry for Syrian refugees to her state. When […]

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LEARN MORE: MoveOn Members Are Sending Communities of Recent ISIS Attacks a Message of Love and Compassion
kid paris

Some are calling the horrific attacks in Paris “France’s 9/11.” The senseless massacres in Paris—and the bombings in Beirut the day before—have sent the world into mourning. The killings triggered a flood of solidarity, compassion, and calls for accountability—but also the risk of an unreasoned backlash that will compound the tragedy. Hate cannot defeat hate. […]

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