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Recovery Recess: Beautiful Actions Coast to Coast

recovery recess event

President Biden’s newly announced American Jobs Plan would make transformative investments in millions of jobs, trains and bridges, replacing lead pipes, expanding high speed broadband, ensuring workers have the right to join a union, and strengthening the care economy. This plan is a critical piece of Biden’s agenda, which is so desperately needed as our […]

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NEW ADS: MoveOn Members Demand Sinema Fight for Arizonans

Print & Digital Ads Call on Sinema to Support Survival Checks, Expanded Unemployment Insurance, and Increasing the Minimum Wage    Today, MoveOn is releasing new print and digital ads in the Arizona Daily Star and on Tuscon.com demanding that Senator Krysten Sinema (D-AZ) stand up for Arizonans in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With a state jobless rate of 7.5%, […]

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VICTORY: Marjorie Taylor Greene removed from committees

This is huge: The House of Representatives has removed extremist Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committee assignments! MoveOn members have been signing petitions, calling their members of Congress, rallying, and more to demand Rep. Greene be held accountable for her vile views of school shootings being fake and promoting violence against her colleagues. But […]

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MoveOn: “Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Not an Outlier in the Republican Party. She Is a Perfect Encapsulation of Today’s Republican Party.”

Statement from Rahna Epting, Executive Director of MoveOn: “Here is the plain truth: Marjorie Taylor Greene is not an outlier in the Republican Party. She is a perfect encapsulation of today’s Republican Party. “Majorie Taylor Greene has called for violence against members of Congress, called school shootings a false flag, and has pledged allegiance to […]

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NEW AD CAMPAIGN: MoveOn Targets Members of the GOP Treason Caucus for Their Role in Deadly Insurrection

Those who aided and abetted a deadly insurrection must be held accountable.  Washington, D.C.– Today, MoveOn Civic Action is launching a new national and state-specific “Treason Caucus” accountability campaign to hold politicians accountable for aiding and abetting a deadly insurrection against the United States government. On January 6, the American people watched as a mob […]

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MoveOn Members Endorse Joe Biden for President

Biden won the group’s fourth-ever presidential endorsement with 82% of votes cast. MoveOn members have voted overwhelmingly to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden in his campaign for the presidency—the most recent benchmark in the organization’s electoral plan that will mobilize volunteers, turn out voters, and work to defeat Donald Trump. Biden won 82.4% of […]

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Who we are: Demographic information about MoveOn’s staff

We have been receiving an increasing number of questions from MoveOn members about the makeup of our staff, especially our racial demographics. With this post we are moving to make that information more transparent. As of June 12, 2020, 51% of our staff identify as people of color (16% identify as Black) and 49% identify […]

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