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The Big Picture: Tame Wall Street

Dear fellow MoveOn member, There is only one way to truly tame Wall Street, so that everyday Americans like you and me don’t end up losing our jobs or our savings or our homes. You won’t see this solution on mainstream TV. Please watch and share it now. This is the fourth idea in our […]

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Sen. Whitehouse Delivers 100th Speech on Climate

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) has been giving powerful speeches about the urgent need to take action for our climate on the floor of the U.S. Senate regularly over the last three years. He just gave his 100th speech. This dedication and persistence for our climate is the kind of leadership we desperately need. Will you […]

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10 Ideas to Save the Economy: Expand Social Security

Dear fellow MoveOn member, Flat wages and the end of pensions have left millions of Americans facing a retirement crisis. Already, nearly half of our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents would live in poverty if it weren’t for Social Security. There is a simple solution, and it starts with defending Social Security from the right […]

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MoveOn Members' First 2016 Endorsement: Russ Feingold

The endorsement is the first for MoveOn this cycle and the top-priority Senate race for MoveOn; there are more than 150,000 MoveOn members in Wisconsin. WISCONSIN — Wisconsin members of Political Action have voted decisively to endorse progressive champion Russ Feingold in the state’s U.S. Senate race, with an overwhelming 98% of votes cast […]

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Iowa Democratic Party Leaders Add Their Names to Letter Urging Elizabeth Warren to Run for President in 2016

** See the letter and complete list of Iowa Democratic Party Leaders who signed it below ** IOWA — Eighteen additional Democratic Party leaders from across Iowa have joined with Run Warren Run supporters from around the country in urging Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to run for President in 2016. In a letter, re-released on Thursday, […]

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MoveOn Responds to Senate Democrats’ Blocking of Fast Track Legislation

Justin Krebs, campaign director for Civic Action, responded to news that the Senate had voted against considering legislation that would give President Obama Fast Track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a secret trade deal that puts corporate interests over the interests of American workers. “Today, Democrats in the Senate sent a clear message—that the […]

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Run Warren Run news: Fast-Track Edition, 5/12
Captura de pantalla 2015-05-12 a la(s) 8.52.26 AM

This is one of’s semi-regular updates on our Run Warren Run effort and Senator Warren’s work to give all Americans a fighting chance. TPP FAST-TRACK BILL EXPECTED TO FACE SENATE VOTE TODAY: Thanks in part to Senator Warren, the Fast-Track negotiating authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal has become a national progressive fight. […]

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MoveOn members continue to fight GOP healthcare blockade

From Alaska to Maine and from Florida to Nebraska, MoveOn members all over the country continue to fight to stop the Republican blockade of federal funds that their states should be using under the Affordable Care Act to provide health care to millions of uninsured Americans. Montana last week became the first state to expand […]

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