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Physicians for Social Responsibility Head Endorses Iran Deal

Catherine Thomasson, MD, executive director of Physicians for Social Responsibility, offered the following statement in support of the historic nuclear deal with Iran: “The Congressional debate over the Iran deal has come down to rhetoric versus reality. The Iran deal blocks all four ways that Iran could obtain a nuclear weapon. The diplomatic solution between […]

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United States Student Association President Endorses Iran Deal

Alexandra Flores-Quilty, president of the United States Student Association, had the following statement in support of the historic nuclear agreement with Iran: “As a leading voice for students and young people across the country, I support this strong and diplomatic agreement that will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon and avoid another unnecessary and […]

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CASA's Gustavo Torres Endorses Iran Deal

Gustavo Torres, executive director of CASA, offered the following statement in support of the historic nuclear deal with Iran: “CASA and I strongly support this historic and very significant agreement with Iran that seeks diplomacy rather than war. “Latino communities, like the rest of this country, will not benefit from a needless war. We have […]

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National Organization for Women President Terry O'Neill Endorses Iran Deal

Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women, had the following statement in support of the historic nuclear agreement with Iran: “The National Organization for Women (NOW) supports this diplomatic agreement with Iran, which prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapons and which aptly addresses a pressing national security issue through diplomacy rather than […]

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They're Back—The Iraq War Hawks Target Iran
They're at it again

If you have friends who’ve been tricked, duped, or bamboozled by the war lobby into opposing the Iran nuclear deal, share this new ad with them from our friends at Americans United for Change: And if they’re looking for more even more details, send them this article from The Huffington Post: “10 Reasons Why Opposing […]

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UPDATE: More Than 185,000 Join Democratic Party Donor Strike, Pledging to Withhold $43 Million to Democrats Who Scuttle Diplomacy with Iran

UPDATE 8/29: As of August 29, more than 185,000 MoveOn members had pledged to withhold $43 million in donations to any Democrats, and party committees supporting them, who successfully undermine diplomacy. — Major names—from Ben & Jerry to Democratic donor Lawrence Hess—join the strike. More than 100,000 MoveOn members nationwide have pledged to withhold more than […]

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MoveOn statement on Sen. Menendez speech on Iran agreement Political Action Executive Director Ilya Sheyman had the following statement in response to news that Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) will oppose the nuclear deal with Iran and will try to put the nation on the path to war: “Senator Menendez has chosen to try to put us on the path to another war in […]

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Sen. Bennet: Support the Iran Deal

A 60­-day clock started ticking the moment negotiators announced the Iran deal, meaning Congress will vote on whether to approve or derail this historic agreement in early September. We have 60 days to defend the deal and stop a war. Key Facts About the Deal ­This is a great deal.​ It prevents Iran from building […]

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60 Days to Stop A War

More than 100,000 calls have been made by Americans in blue and red states alike. This has been an effort involving MoveOn members and an array of groups. Our friends at CREDO Action have coordinated an action hub for our allies that generated a large number of these calls and petition signatures. Check out their […]

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