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How to Beat MAGA Republicans and Help Democrats Win Elections in 2024

We’ve done it before. We can do it again.

For 25 years, MoveOn members have been on the front lines of elections, mobilizing communities and providing voters with the resources they need to make their voices heard at the ballot box.     

This year, MoveOn is unveiling a $32 million election program to reelect President Biden, secure another Democratic trifecta, and protect American democracy from Donald Trump. Our persuasion program will be our most ambitious election program ever and is designed to turn out the Biden-Harris coalition once again and continue to fight for progressive change for all.

But we need your help. Give at MoveOn.org/ElectionPlan2024.





PRESIDENT BIDEN’S REELECTION TO THE OVAL OFFICE: MoveOn will play a key role in campaigning for the Biden-Harris ticket in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia. 

WINNING BACK THE HOUSE: The path to a Democratic majority in the House is clear but not easy: We need to flip a handful of seats to regain control. Since early last year, MoveOn members have been organizing on the ground in “Complicit Caucus” districts—18 swing districts that Biden carried in 2020 but Republicans won in 2022. All told, MoveOn is targeting more than two dozen seats that give Democrats the best shot at winning back the House in 2024.

PROTECTING THE SENATE MAJORITY: With 34 seats up for reelection, we’ll need all hands on deck to maintain our razor-thin Senate majority. MoveOn is primarily investing in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, and Ohio Senate seats.



MoveOn’s 2024 organizing will persuade and mobilize “surge voters”—people who voted for the first time, or who became more active, after the 2016 election. Within this population of more than 11 million voters across our target geographies, MoveOn is focusing on young voters and on voters who didn’t vote in 2016 and/or 2022. Young people are voting at a higher rate than previous generations did at their age, and they reject MAGA by 20-point margins. If these key voters turn out to the polls, they will deliver the margin needed to win.

Because it is critical that we start talking to voters now, we’ll begin voter contact earlier than ever before, reaching the voters most at risk of sitting out the election and deploying our volunteer base to encourage them to vote. Thousands of volunteers will take action and participate in our persuasion and relational turnout programs between now and Election Day, driving tens of thousands of persuasion contacts.

Hundreds of MoveOn members have already signed up to be Vote Mobilizers. They’ll lead the voter contact programs in their communities by hosting house parties and training and organizing fellow member volunteers. The opportunity to build community through in-person actions for the first time since the onset of the pandemic will be extra motivation to join this effort to impact the election!

Based on consistent research—from the Analyst Institute and MoveOn’s own previous election efforts—that shows that multiple contacts via different communication channels have a higher impact than a single connection, we’ll contact voters using three methods during the persuasion phase, to layer contacts and increase the likelihood of the voter remembering the outreach. MoveOn volunteers will spend the spring and summer using multiple methods of contact, such as postcards, phone banks, and canvassing, to reach voters. They’ll talk to voters about the stakes of the election and issues they care about, sell the wins that progressives and Democrats have delivered, and make the pragmatic and strategic case of why their votes are critical.


In the fall, we’ll focus on vote tripling—a practice of urging voters to reach out to three of their friends and family members to remind them to vote, help them make a plan, and ensure they turn out. It can be done via text, online, by phone, or in person.

Vote tripling is up to five times more effective than traditional methods because it’s based on existing, trusted relationships. In the 2022 midterm elections, MoveOn’s vote tripling program turned out an estimated 48,000-50,000 voters in battleground districts and states—that’s tens of thousands of voters who otherwise might have stayed home.


Our member- and volunteer-driven voter contact efforts will be further complemented by paid communications and MoveOn’s traditional rapid-response campaigning.

Our 2024 election program will:

  • Put into motion a massive digital and television advertising campaign—including during Trump’s criminal trials. 
  • Leverage our huge social media reach with a hard-hitting education campaign about the most unpopular policies Trump has promised to his donors, including his agenda of authoritarianism and the further erosion of our freedoms and rights.
  • Center communities whose rights have been decimated by Trump policies—from people impacted by abortion bans to communities of color targeted by voter suppression policies—to show just how dire the threats to our nation are. MoveOn members will share their stories about why this election matters to them, and we’ll show the videos as ads to the surge voters most likely to be persuaded.


Our fundamental freedoms and institutions are in jeopardy if the twice-impeached and criminally indicted Trump returns to the Oval Office. He and his advisers have made it clear that they will destroy democracy and our rights. 

And we must prevent any third-party candidate from hindering a Democratic victory. The data shows that 2016 will surely repeat itself if third-party spoilers, like RFK Jr., do not step aside.