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Jon Ossoff comes in first in GA-06 primary

Anna Galland, executive director of MoveOn.org, had the following statement in response to tonight’s primary in GA-06, as votes continued to be tallied:

“Jon Ossoff’s first-place finish tonight is a huge triumph for the Resistance and for progressives, who boosted Ossoff to the top of a crowded race in a Republican-leaning district. Less than six months ago, a Republican won this district by more than 20 points. Tonight, a progressive Democrat got the most votes in a seat Newt Gingrich once held, and, as votes continued to be tallied, was hovering near 50 percent. The reason is clear: voters are rejecting Trump and his policies, especially the highly unpopular GOP-led health care repeal proposals like Trumpcare.

“From the Women’s March to the airport protests in response to the Muslim ban to the Tax Day marches this weekend, the Resistance has proven that not only is it not going anywhere but that it is growing. Millions have taken to the streets, flooded congressional phone lines, and attended town hall meetings to hold the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress accountable. And now, we’re taking to the ballot box as well. Last week in deep red Kansas a progressive Democrat erased a 20-plus-point Republican advantage to nearly win a seat that Democrats haven’t held in a generation. And tonight, a progressive Democrat just got the most votes in a seat no one thought would be in play six months ago.

“Tonight once again proves that momentum is clearly on the side of the Resistance and that Donald Trump has no mandate for his dangerous, reckless, and hateful policies.

“MoveOn members are fired up—and if Ossoff doesn’t top 50 percent tonight, we’re ready to help him finish this race with a victory in June, and to elect the MoveOn-endorsed Rob Quist in Montana in May, continuing to show Donald Trump and Republicans that their unpopular push to take away health care from millions will cost them at the ballot box.”

On March 6, MoveOn.org members in GA-06 voted overwhelmingly to endorse Jon Ossoff. Since then, MoveOn has engaged in a big way to inject the health care debate into this race, mobilizing grassroots volunteers and more than half a million dollars for Ossoff. MoveOn’s campaign has included:

  • A $250,000 TV and digital ad buy focused on Trumpcare;
  • Bundling $314,000 in contributions directly for the Ossoff campaign;
  • Launching a text message peer-to-peer voter turnout program;
  • Mobilizing MoveOn members to volunteer for Ossoff;
  • Contacting 16,000 MoveOn members in the district for GOTV.

In addition to Ossoff, MoveOn members in Montana have voted to endorse congressional candidate Rob Quist, noting his support for the Affordable Care Act in the endorsement.