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Watch now: How does Trump keep winning?

Last night, hate-fueled candidate Donald Trump overwhelmingly won the primary elections in five different states. Now, he is 284 delegates away from being the Republican nominee for president.1 How does this keep happening? Amy Goodman, producer of “Democracy Now!,” recently sat down with AJ+ to explain the media’s role in this election. See the segment below: […]

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MoveOn: Trump Is A Five-Alarm Threat To American Democracy

Ilya Sheyman, executive director of Political Action, had the following response to Donald Trump’s sweeping wins in the Republican primaries today in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania: “The Republican Party’s effort to ‘stop Trump’ seems to be as successful as their efforts to pass a budget in Washington or replace Obamacare. It […]

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MoveOn exclusive: Robert Reich has a message for you

Last week we sat down with Robert Reich, former labor secretary and close ally to He discussed a wide range of pressing issues, from presidential politics to banking reform, in an interview exclusively for members. MoveOn: Let’s start with the Supreme Court fiasco. Do you see any scenario in which Merrick Garland might […]

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MoveOn Responds to Donald Trump’s Win in the NY Republican Primary
Urge Macy's to Dump Trump

Ilya Sheyman, executive director of Political Action, had the following response to Donald Trump’s win in the New York Republican Primary this evening: “What is clear now is that the Republican Party seems to be on a path to nominate a candidate whose campaign has been built on racism, immigrant-bashing, woman-bashing, and hateful rhetoric […]

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7 Things Senator Grassley Actually Meant To Say When He Had Breakfast With Merrick Garland
Breakfast at Grassley's 1

Earlier this week, Senator Chuck Grassley sat down for a breakfast meeting with President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, simply to reiterate his opposition to Merrick Garland (awkward). At this meeting, Sen. Grassley regurgitated Republican talking points that have no basis in the Constitution or reality. Here are the 7 things Senator Grassley actually […]

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New ‘We Want a Refund’ Campaign Holds Senate Republicans Accountable for Wasting Taxpayer Funding on Supreme Court Obstruction
Stimulus Check

Senate Republicans’ refusal to give nominee Merrick Garland fair hearings and an up-or-down vote will have cost American taxpayers nearly $87 million by Tax Day. A major digital campaign launched today by Civic Action, Organizing for Action (OFA), and Americans United for Change (AUFC), along with other leading national grassroots organizations, shows that Senate […]

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MoveOn Praises Sen. Leahy’s Position on Superdelegates, Calls on Media Outlets to Remove Superdelegates from Delegate Counts

Over the weekend, Senator Patrick Leahy clarified his position on superdelegates and the race to be the Democratic nominee for President, saying that while he personally supports Secretary Clinton, his delegate vote will go to the candidate with the most pledged delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this summer. Ilya Sheyman, executive director […]

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Sen. Warren to MoveOn Members: 'We Really Need You' In Fight for Supreme Court Nominee

“You don’t get what you don’t fight for. And I’m ready to fight.” That was Senator Elizabeth Warren‘s message to thousands of MoveOn members and allies gathered for a national Supreme Court conference call on April 4.  Warren spoke to thousands of MoveOn members and our partners who represented 16 national progressive organizations. The senator noted that the […]

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Ilya Sheyman, executive director of Political Action, had the following response to Bernie Sanders’ win in the Wisconsin Democratic Primary this evening: “Tonight was a huge night for Bernie Sanders. He now has the momentum in this race and has won another state that will be critical to Democrats in November.  This victory, building […]

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