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United States Student Association President Endorses Iran Deal

Alexandra Flores-Quilty, president of the United States Student Association, had the following statement in support of the historic nuclear agreement with Iran:

“As a leading voice for students and young people across the country, I support this strong and diplomatic agreement that will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon and avoid another unnecessary and unjustified war in the Middle East.

“Young Americans know far too well the consequences of such wars. More than 40 percent of active duty members of our military are 25 or younger, and nearly two-thirds are under 31. Young people and their families are disproportionately impacted by foreign policy decisions.

“Put simply: Upholding this historic deal is in the best interest of every student and young person. From my peers enrolling this fall in ROTC programs across the country to young military families, the Millennial generation must speak up and urge our elected officials to stand for diplomacy over war.”