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TAKE ACTION: Defend Diplomacy with Iran!

MoveOn.org members have a long history of working for peace and security. Our efforts to support diplomacy with Iran are in common cause with a national network of allied organizations.The United States and five world powers have agreed on a framework with Iran ensuring, through rigorous inspections and verification, that Iran can have only a peaceful nuclear program.1

Diplomacy won, averting war—for now.

The remaining details of this comprehensive agreement will be worked out over the next three months. But Republicans and some Democrats in Congress are already threatening to derail this, and they need to hear clearly: Let diplomacy work.

Here are the top three things to know about the agreement with Iran:2

  • Ensures Iran’s nuclear program is suitable for peaceful uses only
  • Dramatically reduces its stockpile of nuclear material
  • Allows for permanent, short-notice inspections and extensive monitoring by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the United Nations’ watchdog

Let’s be clear: There are only two alternatives to this agreement—a nuclear-armed and more dangerous Iran or another costly war in the Middle East. Neither will make our nation more secure.So it’s up to us to call Congress to stand strong—as it returns from recess—and let diplomacy work!


1. “Iran Agrees to Framework of Nuclear Deal,” The New York Times, April 2, 2015

2. “Iran Reaches Framework Agreement With World Powers On Nuclear Program,” NPR, April 2, 2015