Statement in response to Rep. Stockman's bogus "MoveOn supports terrorists" attack

Rep. Stockman’s ‘MoveOn supports terrorists’ attack is ridiculous on its face. This kind of dishonest attack is exactly the reason Steve Stockman has zero credibility.

Remember, Rep. Stockman is the guy who said President Obama’s support of marriage equality is ‘setting up for a dictatorship,’ that the GM bailout brought ‘fascism’ to America, and that the President’s birth certificate may be ‘fraudulent.’ Nothing he says can be taken seriously.

Let’s set the record straight:

MoveOn members join all people around in the world in condemning the terrorist group Boko Haram and praying for the speedy return of the girls who have been kidnapped.

In regards to the petition Rep. Stockman is referring to, MoveOn runs an open petition platform, meaning that anyone can start a MoveOn petition about anything. Thousands of petitions are created every month, and popular petitions frequently garner hundreds of thousands of signatures. The petition in question was created years ago, earned only about a hundred signatures, and was just brought to the attention of MoveOn staff yesterday, after years of being inactive, at which point we promptly reviewed the petition and removed it from our site.

Any attempt to portray a years-old petition created by one individual that gained only about a hundred signatures as representing the views of MoveOn and its 8 million members as a whole is dishonest, false, and offensive.

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