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HUGE NEWS: The Boston Globe Calls on Elizabeth Warren to Run for President!


Over the weekend, The Boston Globe’s became the first major newspaper to come out in support of Elizabeth Warren running for president. In a two page spread penned by the editorial board, The Globe made the case for why Elizabeth Warren’s causes would be best championed from the presidential campaign trail and the White House.

The Sunday edition also included three opinion pieces in support of an Elizabeth Warren candidacy—including one by MoveOn.org Civic Action Executive Director, Anna Galland.

The Globe‘s support is exciting and speaks to the growing support for Senator Elizabeth Warren, but that support is not a new concept. More than 300,000 Americans have already signed a petition urging the senator to run, thousands of people have attended over 400 events across every state in the country, over 500 people have left voicemails for Senator Warren calling on her to run for office, and everyday there is more momentum for Run Warren Run. The message is clear: There is a massive groundswell of support for Elizabeth Warren, and if she chooses to run she has the potential to win. 

“If she puts her causes and goals front and center, as Democrats gather their forces for the crucial 2016 campaign, Warren could enrich the political process for years to come.”—The Boston Globe


Click here to read the entire editorial.

Ready to get involved in the Run Warren Run campaign? Click here to take action!