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Elizabeth Warren: Check Your Voicemail


Since the beginning of Run Warren Run, just three months ago, more than 311,000 people have signed onto our effort to encourage Elizabeth Warren to run for president in 2016.

Many people have shared their inspiring stories about why Elizabeth Warren is the candidate that they need, and we wanted Senator Warren to hear the real-life voices of those calling on her to run. So we came up with an idea.

We set up a site called Voicemails for Warren and asked supporters to leave messages telling Elizabeth Warren why they want to see her in the race. The results certainly took my breath away: Nearly a thousand MoveOn members left messages for Senator Warren.

I had the pleasure of listening to many of these messages. Some made me cry, others made me laugh, and all of them made me excited—excited to continue working to bring Elizabeth Warren and her progressive values to the 2016 race.

I want you to hear some of the messages too. We’ve put together some of the most moving voicemails with photos of our best moments of the campaign so far. Check out the video below and then click here to join the effort urging Elizabeth Warren to run for president.