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Republican Operatives Boost Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Deceptive Ballot Access Operation

CNN: “North Carolina elections board finds some voters didn’t know purpose of RFK Jr. and Cornel West petitions when they signed”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, MoveOn Political Action condemns Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for teaming up with Republican operatives and using shady, deceptive practices to get on the ballot and hand the election to Donald Trump.

North Carolina’s Board of Elections just decided to further delay voting to approve ballot access for RFK Jr.’s We the People Party after learning that voters were deceived into signing petitions to support ballot access, and many were unaware of what the petitions were even for. A right-wing group called the Fair Election Fund has launched an underhanded ad campaign targeting the Democratic members of the board for intervening to protect North Carolinians’ votes – telegraphing the Republican Party’s strategy and endgame to swing the election to Trump

“Republicans are backing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for one reason and one reason only: to reelect Trump and carry out the MAGA Project 2025 agenda. Right-wing political consultants and Republican leaders are engaged in a coordinated, nationwide campaign to bolster RFK Jr. because they know this election is going to be determined on the margins, and they will stop at nothing to pave the way for Trump and his takeover plans,” said MoveOn spokesperson Britt Jacovich. “RFK Jr. is nothing more than a front for Donald Trump and his disastrous agenda that will wreck our economy, repeal workers’ rights, and turn back the clock on abortion and reproductive care.”

Meanwhile in Colorado, RFK Jr. is attempting another back door to ballot access that undermines voters’ rights by attempting to co-opt the Libertarian Party’s ballot line, despite not being a member of that party. The tactic has caused a spat of infighting within the Libertarian Party as many within the group question why they would let RFK Jr. onto their ballot line at all. 


Republican operatives are backing third-party candidates across the country in an effort to siphon votes from President Biden. 

  • In North Carolina, RFK Jr. and Cornel West are accused of ​​“misleading” voters who signed their petitions and violating a state law that requires newly formed political parties to tell signers what the general purpose and intent of their party is. 
  • Cornel West’s Justice for All Party authorized three people to pick up and drop off signatures for them in North Carolina. All three individuals are current or past employees of a Colorado-based Republican political firm called Blitz Canvassing, which has generated more than $14.6 million in payments for Never Back Down, the main Super PAC that supported Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 
  • RFK Jr. is also awaiting hearings in New York about the validity of his signatures, as well as the home address he listed on his petition paperwork. He claimed his home is in New York, not in California where he resides. 
  • In Delaware, RFK Jr. is working with the Independent Party of Delaware (IPD), which has known ties to extremist, right-wing individuals. Its vice chairman, Phil Dyer, attended the riot at the Capitol on January 6 and recently called for another
  • RFK Jr. is also working with the “Natural Law Party” of Michigan, which nominated RFK Jr. at a two-person convention led by a part-time magician, while leaders from the same party’s Florida branch called RFK Jr.’s campaign “scammers.” 
  • Trump allies have publicly stated they are plotting to spoil the election against President Biden by backing third-party candidates, including Jill Stein and Dr. Cornel West, as well as RFK Jr. 



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