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MoveOn’s 8 Million Members Vote Overwhelmingly to Oppose Military Action in Syria

Just-Completed Member Vote Shows 73% of Members Want Congress to Oppose President’s Request for Authorization for Use of Military Force in Syria

Statement of Anna Galland, Executive Director of MoveOn.org Civic Action, on the member vote:

“MoveOn members, like the majority of Americans, oppose military intervention in Syria and want Congress to reject the Authorization for Use of Military Force resolution. Following MoveOn members’ overwhelming 73% vote to oppose the war, we are launching a major effort calling on Congress to vote ‘no’ on the President’s request for an Authorization for Use of Military Force in Syria.

“We will mobilize to make sure our members’ and allies’ voices are heard in Washington and will work to prevent this nation from getting on the slippery slope to another ill-advised and unnecessary war.  We will join with allies in holding national days of action, urge MoveOn members to contact their members of Congress to have their voices heard, and use a variety of other tactics, including paid media.

“We have seen the rushed march to war before. We cannot allow it again. Congress, and the nation, should not be forced into a binary debate over strikes or nothing.  In response to the tragic reports of chemical weapons use in Syria, the US needs to lead in the way in engaging with the international community, while rigorously exploring alternatives to military action, including negotiations, economic sanctions, diplomacy, and promotion of humanitarian aid.”