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MoveOn: Unenforceable SCOTUS “Code of Ethics” Isn’t Enough

Washington, D.C. – Following the Supreme Court releasing updated ethics guidelines without a word on enforceability measures, MoveOn Political Action Executive Director Rahna Epting released the following statement: 

“A code of conduct without any clear enforcement mechanisms might as well be a list of suggestions. We applaud the incredible work from advocates, congressional allies, and activists in pressuring the Court into finally adopting some semblance of an ethics code. But, they are a long ways away to fully addressing the abuse of power that has been uncovered. This long-overdue and too-weak ethics policy does not excuse Judge Thomas from decades of brazen corruption at the expense of the American people. The fact remains that Thomas must be impeached and Congress needs to fully investigate corruption on the Court and pass meaningful reform.” 

Over 1.4 million MoveOn members – and counting – signed onto a petition calling for Justice Clarence Thomas to resign from the Supreme Court immediately or else be impeached. Since September, over 93,000 MoveOn members have also called for the Senate’s Democratic leadership to hold hearings investigating the illegal and unethical conduct of Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito as well as other forms of corruption and conflict in the court.


MoveOn is a people-powered force for progress. MoveOn mobilizes the left to elect Democrats and enact progressive change. We are the homebase for millions of members who refuse to accept the status quo and are moved to take action. For more than a generation, MoveOn has been a bulwark against the radical right, channeling our voices to end wars, protect democracy, and advance justice for all.