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MoveOn: Shame On Congressional Republicans for Outrageous Iran Stunt; Democrats Should Stand Strong For Diplomacy

WASHINGTON, D.C. — MoveOn.org Civic Action Campaign Director Jo Comerford called today on Democrats in Congress to reject the dangerous GOP brinksmanship surrounding diplomacy with Iran, in response to the recent open letter to the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran signed by 47 Republicans:

“I’m honestly shocked by this letter. It’s no secret that Republicans in Congress have made repeated attempts to sabotage diplomacy with Iran. But their highly inappropriate letter to the leadership of Iran is a condescending and inflammatory political stunt that takes their actions to the next level. Let’s be clear—the end-game of these Republican actions could put our nation on the path to another costly, unnecessary war in the Middle East. Shame on them.

“An historic diplomatic solution to limit Iran’s nuclear program, sought by the United States and five other world powers, may be reached shortly and would stand as the result of tough and principled negotiations.

“Yet, instead of working with Democrats in Congress and the Obama administration to ensure the strongest possible deal, in the last weeks, Republicans in Congress have expanded their sabotage efforts, including the provocative invitation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and an attempt to fast-track diplomacy-killing legislation. And now, 47 Republican senators are literally telling a foreign government not to trust the United States President.

“MoveOn members call for an end to this Republican partisan brinksmanship once and for all, and we call on Democrats in Congress to stand strong for diplomacy and to reject this letter as nothing but reckless, embarrassing, and dangerous.”

In recent months, MoveOn members have made thousands of calls and generated tens of thousands of signatures calling for a diplomatic resolve with Iran.