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MoveOn on Jon Ossoff’s Narrow Defeat in Georgia’s 6th District

Anna Galland, executive director of MoveOn.org, issued the following statement in response to Karen Handel’s apparent victory in today’s GA-06 special election: 

“Jon Ossoff’s close finish and the closer-than-expected elections in Kansas, Montana, and South Carolina are proof that if Republicans continue to follow Trump, they will be following him off a cliff — one that may cost them the House in 2018.

“There are two lessons in the Georgia results. One, that the Resistance movement is putting deep red districts and states in play. Two, even so, Democrats cannot take any race for granted — and if they want to win these tight races, they must do more than just be anti-Trump and spend millions of dollars. They must put forward a bold progressive vision for our country, running on core Democratic values.

“In the closing weeks of the race, Ossoff and the DCCC missed an opportunity to make Republicans’ attack on health care the key issue, and instead attempted to portray Ossoff as a centrist, focusing on cutting spending and coming out in opposition to Medicare for All. This approach did not prove a recipe for electoral success. Democrats will not win back power merely by serving as an alternative to Trump and Republicans.

“To win back the House, and elections up and down ballot, the Democratic Party must be the party of real change. Democrats must vociferously reject the status quo in which corporate lobbyists and the wealthy have too much influence within both parties, and they must stand for a bold, inclusive populism that offers the sort of sweeping change and leveling of the playing field that the American people are clamoring for.”

On March 6, MoveOn.org members in GA-06 voted overwhelmingly to endorse Jon Ossoff. Since then, MoveOn mobilized grassroots volunteers and more than half a million dollars for Ossoff. MoveOn’s campaign has included:

  • Conducted an early poll of the race, showing bi-partisan opposition to Trumpcare.
  • A $250,000 TV and digital ad buy focused on Trumpcare;
  • Bundling $340,000 in contributions from 15,567 MoveOn members directly for the Ossoff campaign;
  • Launching a text message peer-to-peer voter turnout program;
  • Mobilizing MoveOn members to volunteer for Ossoff;
  • Contacting 16,000 MoveOn members in the district for GOTV.
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