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MoveOn Launches “Banned Bookmobile” Tour Distributing Banned Books & Highlighting DeSantis’s Bans and MAGA Extremism

Washington, D.C. – As reported in Politico today, MoveOn Political Action announced the launch of its first “Banned Bookmobile” multistate tour to sound alarms on Governor Ron DeSantis’s censorship and the rising wave of GOP book bans across the country. The Banned Bookmobile will distribute some of the most frequently banned books as it makes its way through multiple states. The initial bookmobile tour will stop through several communities that have been significantly impacted by MAGA book bans, as well as early primary and battleground states to target DeSantis along his campaign trail, ending in DeSantis’s backyard in Tallahassee.  

“Ron DeSantis is trying to export his brand of authoritarianism and anti-freedom, anti-democratic governance from Florida to the rest of the country, and we won’t let him,” said MoveOn Political Action Executive Director Rahna Epting. “DeSantis and MAGA Republicans have once again overreached by telling people what they can or can’t read just because we don’t support their extremist agenda. To resist this censorship, our bookmobile will give people access to books that are inclusive of the full diversity and experiences of all of our communities.”  

Republican book bans continue despite backlash and public opinion research showing that the majority of Americans are opposed to book bans. MoveOn’s tour publicly kicks off a larger “Read Banned Books” campaign, designed to highlight how Republicans are restricting freedoms and censoring books across the country, and to promote the work of authors who have been unfairly targeted. 

Along the tour, MoveOn will also host events and readings with authors, give away bookmarks, offer posters and merch for sale, provide a selfie station outside of the Banned Bookmobile, and enable participants to check their voter registration status.

For more information or to RSVP, please contact press@moveon.org


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