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MoveOn hires dozens of organizers in key battleground states; Vets call on Grassley, GOP to unendorse Trump – United Against Hate news 8/26

MOVEON.ORG HIRING DOZENS OF ORGANIZERS IN 8 BATTLEGROUND STATES TO DEFEAT TRUMP. In an expansion of MoveOn.org’s United Against Hate campaign to prevent Donald Trump from winning the White House while demonstrating that hatred, racism, misogyny, and xenophobia are a losing strategy, MoveOn is hiring more than three dozen organizers to lead door-to-door volunteer canvassing operations in Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

‘WITH ITS EXPANSIVE MEMBERSHIP LIST, MOVEON HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE A POWERFUL ON-THE-GROUND MOBILIZER FOR DEMOCRATS THIS FALL’: The Huffington Post outlines the extensive voter outreach strategy, which will knock on hundreds of thousands of doors in the coming weeks.

“This is an all-hands-on-deck moment to ensure that Donald Trump never sets foot in the White House, and MoveOn members across the country have the power to influence this election by helping elect Hillary Clinton and winning key Senate seats across the country,” said Victoria Kaplan, Organizing Director for MoveOn.org. “We know that face-to-face conversations with voters are the number one most effective way to increase voter participation, and that’s why we’re unleashing the phenomenal energy of volunteer leaders and the millions of MoveOn members to canvass their own neighborhoods and communities, where they can make the biggest difference.”

VETERANS IN IOWA CALL ON GRASSLEY TO UNENDORSE TRUMP. On Thursday, veterans and military family members delivered more than 113,000 signatures to the Iowa offices of Senator Chuck Grassley. The petition delivery, a partnership of MoveOn.org and Common Defense PAC, is happening at Senate offices across the country, as veterans demand that GOP leaders revoke their endorsement of Trump, following Trump’s attack on Khizr and Ghazala Khan, Gold Star parents.

Veteran Shelly Van Winkle, who delivered the petitions to Grassley’s office, served in the Army as an electronic warfare signal intelligence Morse code interceptor. Her oldest child is also a veteran.


** TODAY: Veterans in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire will deliver petition signatures to the offices of Sens. Kelly Ayotte and Pat Toomey, urging them to disavow and pledge to not support Donald Trump.

** MOVEON PETITION: Tell GOP leaders to disavow Trump and his attacks on veterans:

TRUMP & THE ALT-RIGHT. As Donald Trump continues to pander to the alt-right, don’t miss this MoveOn video on David Duke, the KKK, and Trump’s emboldening of white supremacy. WATCH NOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-q9-L9l4s8

#ALTRIGHTMEANS GETS CENTER STAGE ON TWITTER. Donald Trump’s hateful and racist rhetoric continues to fuel the alt-right. As #AltRightMeans trended on Twitter,  MSNBC’s Joy Reid shared this powerful tweet: https://twitter.com/amjoyshow/status/768832718478114816


IOWA MOVEON MEMBERS VOTE TO ENDORSE PATTY JUDGE FOR U.S. SENATE IN NATIONAL ‘TAKE BACK THE SENATE’ PUSH. MoveOn members in Iowa voted overwhelmingly to endorse Patty Judge in the state’s U.S. Senate race this week as part of an effort to elect a Democratic majority this fall. MoveOn members have now voted to endorse U.S. Senate candidates in 10 states as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to drag down incumbent Republicans and GOP hopefuls with his politics of hate, racism, misogyny, Islamophobia, and authoritarianism.

MoveOn members recently endorsed Ann Kirkpatrick (Arizona), Kamala Harris (California), Sen. Michael Bennet (Colorado), Maggie Hassan (New Hampshire), Deborah Ross (North Carolina), Catherine Cortez Masto (Nevada), and Katie McGinty (Pennsylvania). Earlier this year, MoveOn members voted to endorse progressive diplomacy champions Tammy Duckworth (Illinois}, Russ Feingold (Wisconsin), and Ted Strickland (Ohio) in their respective Senate races.

** Read more on MoveOn’s effort to win back the Senate here. **


TRUMP’S IMMIGRATION ANSWER ISN’T A PIVOT–IT’S PANDERING. Karine Jean-Pierre, national spokesperson and senior advisor for MoveOn.org Political Action, had the following statement this week in response to Donald Trump’s attempt to pivot away from his anti-immigrant policies:

It’s not a pivot, it’s pandering. It is pandering to white voters in an attempt to wash away months’ worth of racist, bigoted, and sexist rhetoric and policies. Not only will it not work, it is insulting to all voters. Repeatedly over the last year, Donald Trump has shown his true colors and in doing so has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he is unqualified to lead our country. What we have seen over the last few days is just the latest example.”