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MoveOn: We’re in a 5 Alarm Voting Rights Fire and Democrats Need a Plan to Pass S1 Now

Statement by Nita Chaudhary, Chief of Programs at MoveOn:

“We’re in a 5 alarm voting rights fire and the GOP blocked a vote yet again prevent essential protections for Americans’ freedom to vote. 

“We know McConnell is not going to change his behavior so it’s up to President Biden and Senate Democrats to stop doing business as usual or they will simply keep allowing Republican Senators to block popular and bipartisan proposals – including the For the People Act. 

“As Republicans in state after state, across the country, continue to rig the rules in their favor, Democrats need to use every power they have to fight back, including eliminating the filibuster, to overcome this obstruction and deliver for the American people. 

“MoveOn members are not backing down and Biden and Senate Democrats need to tell us what their plan to pass S1 is. Before it’s too late.”