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MoveOn Executive Director Rahna Epting on GOP Filibuster of the Freedom to Vote Act

Statement by Rahna Epting, Executive Director of MoveOn on the GOP Filibuster of the Freedom to Vote Act:

“Our democracy is under daily attack from forces seeking to destroy it for their own political gain. It started long before January 6th and it has continued more than ten months after the violent attack on the Capitol. 

“This is a five alarm fire for our democracy. From attacking the right to vote, to lying daily about the last election, to fake audits in states, to refusing to allow a non-partisan investigation into the greatest attack on our homeland since 9/11 Republicans have opened a multi-front war on our democracy. 

Republicans are blocking historic voting rights legislation and we know exactly why. The Freedom to Vote Act is vital for safeguarding the freedom to vote for every American and fighting back against their continued assaults on our democracy. Our government cannot be representative of the people if the people have no voice in electing our own leaders.

“Throughout our nation’s history the filibuster has been used as a racist and harmful tool to halt progress. Today’s filibuster is just the latest example of Republicans silencing the voices of Black, Brown, Indigenous, poor and working Americans. 

“An arcane Senate rule is not more important than our fundamental right to vote. We can either have a democracy or we can have the filibuster. It is increasingly clear for all to see we can not have both. 

“The choice is entirely up to Democrats. But every day they allow Republicans to filibuster this bill is another day our democracy and our right to vote is under attack.”