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Senator Sinema’s Constituents Less Likely to Support her Re-election If She Continues to Obstruct Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda

89% of MoveOn member respondents – many who volunteered for her campaign – less likely to support her again in the next election

Washington, D.C. – A survey of MoveOn’s over 300,000 members in Arizona – many of whom volunteered for or otherwise supported Senator Sinema’s last campaign – showed that 89% of them would be less likely to support her in the next election if she continues to obstruct President Biden’s Build Back Better plan. 

“Every part of President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda – jobs, care, climate, and citizenship – is popular in Arizona, as is paying for it by having the ultra wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share in taxes,” said Rahna Epting, Executive Director of MoveOn. “But if Senator Sinema keeps obstructing Biden on behalf of the wealthy and corporate lobbyists, she is going to lose the support of Arizonans who need the help – and who are the ones who put her in office.

Responses from MoveOn members in Arizona:

“Senator Sinema is not representing her constituents. Rather, this Senator is beholden to corporate money and her own self-interests.”

“I worked for her election as a volunteer through the [REDACTED]. I’m mortified to say that and realize what a mistake I made. She is completely uninterested in working for her constituents. She has people she’s doing favors for and is working to achieve her own personal success and money.” 

“I worked very hard to help get Senator Sinema elected, I felt she was the only candidate that represented the actual constituency she would be representing. I felt she would listen to the residents of Arizona and bring OUR voices and concerns to Washington. She has turned out to be only representing herself.  If she continues with this self serving showboating, I will do everything in my power to make sure she is never reelected again. President Biden’s agenda is one that I and most of the Arizonans I know support.”

“Senator Sinema is doing far less to support average Americans than she is doing to support wealthy and corporate America.”

“If she won’t support the Biden agenda, I will not support her. I already regret voting for her as an Independent.  Her actions in the Senate are not going to be forgotten any time soon.” 

“She has been a huge disappointment so far. She needs to worry more about her constituents and less about the big money influencers. I voted and donated to Senator Sinema’s campaign last time but I will not support her unless she starts trying to support President Biden’s agenda which is very popular with voters and especially Democrats.”  

As a grassroots, member-driven organization, MoveOn surveys its membership in states to decide which candidates should be supported. In this survey, 89% of members said they would be less likely to support Senator Sinema if she continued to obstruct President Biden, 4% said it would make no difference, and 8% said they would be more likely to support her.