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ICYMI: USA Today: The GOP megadonor funding Trump’s and RFK’s campaigns

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As reported in USA Today, Donald Trump’s biggest donor, Timothy Mellon, is also continuing to boost Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign with millions in contributions. Since 2023, he has given more than $50 million in contributions to both Trump and RFK Jr. Mellon gave $25 million each to Make America Great Again, the Trump Super PAC, and American Values 2024, the Kennedy Jr. Super PAC, making him the largest donor of the 2024 cycle so far. 

A previous report in The New York Times outlined how Donald Trump’s allies are investing in third-party presidential candidates, such as RFK Jr., to swing the election against President Biden. Trump and the MAGA dark-money crowd are not fooling anybody: It’s clear they’re using RFK Jr. as a Trojan horse for the Trump campaign.

“Why else would Trump’s biggest donor be emptying out his wallet to RFK Jr.  if not to help clear Trump’s path to the White House? RFK Jr. should call on his Super PACs to give back every penny he’s received from right-wing, Trump-supporting megamillionaires like Timothy Mellon,” said MoveOn Chief Communications Officer Joel Payne.

Among RFK Jr.’s top donors is also his running mate, Nicole Shanahan. Before becoming his running mate, Shanahan gave $4.5 million to RFK Jr. Super PACs. Since then, she’s donated an additional $10 million directly to his campaign committee, Team Kennedy.

Read the story here.


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