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ICYMI: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Editorial Board: Editorial: What RFK Jr. really means to the Pennsylvania ballot

“If Kennedy is not on every state’s ballot, his candidacy is an expensive practical joke on the electorate.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review editorial board published a piece about how Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s fundamentally unserious campaign is an insult to Pennsylvanians. The piece articulates how high the stakes are and that RFK Jr. has no credible path to victory—confirming his status as nothing more than a spoiler candidate who will deliver the White House to Donald Trump.  

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is cosplaying as a presidential candidate, but with anemic fundraising, margin-of-error polling, and an inability to even make the ballot in 50 states, his candidacy is nothing but a dangerous charade,” said MoveOn Political Action Chief Communications Officer Joel Payne. “If RFK Jr. succeeds in making the ballot in Pennsylvania, his small percentage of votes could be enough to help put Trump back in the White House and jeopardize the hard-fought progress we’ve made. Lives are on the line, and that’s why Pennsylvanians are right to call out the RFK Jr. campaign for what it really is: a Trump-backed plan to undermine President Biden’s reelection campaign.”

Excerpts from the piece below:

“Make no mistake, Kennedy’s odds are indeed long. Composite polling numbers from The Hill, for example, place him a distant third in the Keystone State. While former President Donald Trump is at 43.9% and President Joe Biden a hair behind at 42.6%, Kennedy is at 5.5%. That’s barely over the margin of error. 

“Let’s be clear. If the election happened today, Kennedy could not become president.”

“If Kennedy is not on every state’s ballot, his candidacy is an expensive practical joke on the electorate.”

“CNN is not allowing Kennedy to participate in Thursday’s debate between Biden and Trump, the first debate of the presidential race. The reason is the math. There is simply no way for Kennedy to get to the presidency at this point. Polls aside, he is not on enough ballots to make it happen.”

“His tiny chunk of polled voters is not enough for him to win, but it will make all the difference when only 1.3% separates Biden and Trump.”


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