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Huge Win for Diplomacy Thanks to Massive Grassroots Mobilization

Moments ago, the Senate failed to reach cloture on legislation rejecting diplomacy and the Iran nuclear accord, a resounding defeat for anti-diplomacy forces.

Anna Galland, executive director of MoveOn.org Civic Action, had the following statement reacting to the news, declaring it a “major, people-powered victory for diplomacy over war”:

“This afternoon, diplomacy won as war hawks in the U.S. Senate failed to advance legislation aiming to undermine President Obama’s historic diplomatic agreement to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

“This is a major, people-powered victory for diplomacy over war. This victory would have been nowhere near as resounding—and may not have come at all—had it not been for the massive, nationwide mobilization of hundreds of thousands of grassroots progressives making their voices heard. And of course it would not have happened without the leadership of President Obama and his administration, who grassroots progressives worked so hard to elect in 2008 and 2012, as well as the leadership of Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, and Nancy Pelosi.

“Today’s paradigm-shifting victory is a clear sign that our nation is finally learning the lessons of the Iraq War—that we must always pursue diplomacy first, and must never recklessly plunge the American people into the dangerous and costly path of a war of choice.

“MoveOn members will mobilize to thank the senators and representatives who have sided with diplomacy in this fight, and to hold accountable those who tried to put us on a path to war.”


This summer, hundreds of thousands of MoveOn members mobilized across the country to ensure that the critical deal with Iran wouldn’t be sabotaged by Congress, with thousands of members turning out in person at events throughout August recess—showing up at town halls, contacting their representatives, and holding hundreds of demonstrations.

For an overview of the game-changing organizing done by MoveOn members and other anti-war groups during this fight, check out this 2-page PDF or watch this 2-minute video.