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Colorado students use MoveOn Petition to fight censorship

Colorado high school student Bethany Keupp, along with her fellow student-activists, teachers, parents and concerned community members staged a massive rally outside of a Jefferson County School Board meeting on Thursday, demanding that the board withdraw a proposal to censor their history curriculum.

The students then delivered a MoveOn Petition with more than 40,000 signatures to school board members. The rally, which came as a culmination of ongoing protests, captured media attention with coverage from MSNBC, The New York Times and hundreds of other outlets.

Despite hundreds of people rallying against the proposal and over two hours of overwhelmingly anti-censorship testimony, the fight is not yet over, as the board put in place a process for continued debate over the curriculum. These students still need your help as they stand up for their education–join them by signing their petition today!

Students Protest School Board's Censorship Of History CurriculumStudents Protest School Board's Censorship Of History Curriculum