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CASA’s Gustavo Torres Endorses Iran Deal

Gustavo Torres, executive director of CASA, offered the following statement in support of the historic nuclear deal with Iran:

“CASA and I strongly support this historic and very significant agreement with Iran that seeks diplomacy rather than war.

“Latino communities, like the rest of this country, will not benefit from a needless war. We have many pressing needs as a nation, and we should be investing in our communities at home rather than diverting funds for unnecessary war-making overseas. And our service members and their families will be stretched even thinner if they are deployed for a destructive, costly, avoidable war.

“This nuclear agreement is supported by high-level national security experts, U.S. ambassadors, top-ranking military officials, and the majority of people of this nation. We are glad to fight for this country when necessary—and we also commit to supporting diplomacy when it is possible, as it is now.

“We support the agreement with Iran and encourage our elected leaders to do so also.”