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Brave Afghan Woman Denounces Warlords To Their Faces

It’s been eight years and five assassination attempts since women’s rights activist and former Afghan Parliament member Malalai Joya’s courageous speech against the Taliban’s unfair treatment of women and the corruption of warlords and the Karzai government. It’s just as powerful today as it was then:

Now, Joya is trying to come to the U.S., but her visa’s been denied by our government because she was “living underground” and “unemployed.” That’s reportedly true, but definitely irrelevant. Think about it: As a female political activist in Afghanistan, how could she possibly live a “normal” life?

Could it be possible that she’s being denied a visa based on her strong, vocal opposition to the United States’ war in Afghanistan?

Share this video today on Facebook and everywhere else to support Joya’s bravery—and to support people everywhere who speak truth to power.

Submitted by volunteer editor Ben C. Originally found on DailyKos.