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MoveOn Responds to Donald Trump’s Afghanistan Address

In response to Donald Trump’s address on the way forward in Afghanistan, Ilya Sheyman, executive director of Political Action, released the following statement: “Donald Trump’s plan to double down on a military deployment in Afghanistan would be a military, economic, and humanitarian disaster. After decades of conflict, tens of thousands dead or wounded, and […]

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MoveOn Responds to Donald Trump’s Bellicose North Korea Rhetoric

Statement from MoveOn Campaign Director Jo Comerford in response to Donald Trump’s comments on North Korea: “Donald Trump’s reckless and frankly terrifying warmongering is endangering lives. Instead of spewing bellicose rhetoric which has only inflamed this emergent conflict, Trump has a responsibility to de-escalate tensions and to foreground a diplomacy-first approach with North Korea. And […]

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MoveOn Endorses Six Senators’ Re-Election Bids, Backing ‘Health Care Heroes’ for Helping Lead Effort to Stop Trumpcare From Becoming Law, Embracing Progressive Policies in Trump Era

** MoveOn Members’ First 2018 Endorsements: Sens. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Mazie Hirono, Sherrod Brown, Tammy Baldwin, and Chris Murphy. ** Following their votes to help defeat Trumpcare in the Senate last week, six incumbent Senators have won the votes of members in their states as part of a “Health Care Heroes” endorsement push; […]

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MoveOn Calls Out Trump for Violent and Dehumanizing Speech to Law Enforcement; Trump Called for ‘Rough’ Policing and Encouraged Brutality Against Undocumented Immigrants

In a speech Friday in Long Island to law enforcement officers, Donald Trump used racist language and encouraged violence, urging officers to be “rough” on suspects. Among other comments, Trump told the assembled officers: “When you see these towns and when you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, you […]

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MoveOn Applauds Rejection of Bill Stripping Health Care from 16 Million, Warns This Is Not the End of Republican Repeal Efforts

Moments ago, the Senate voted down a health care bill that would have taken away health insurance from 16 million Americans, raised premiums, reduced the quality of coverage, and de-funded Planned Parenthood. In reaction to this news, Anna Galland, executive director of, released the following statement: “Tonight’s defeat of this bill in the Senate […]

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MoveOn: House Could Pass Trojan Horse Bill Without Conference Committee

Statement of Washington Director Ben Wikler: “The Senate today is poised to consider health care repeal legislation that will take away care from 16 million people, raise premiums by 20 percent or more, destabilize the insurance markets and our economy, and de-fund Planned Parenthood. “Many in the media and elsewhere are mistakenly treating this […]

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MoveOn Responds to Senate Vote to Proceed on Health Care Bill

MoveOn: Republicans Are Defying Constituents by Moving One Step Closer to Trumpcare; Fight is Far From Over Moments ago, the Senate voted to proceed to consider legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act and take away health care from tens of millions of Americans. With the passage of this procedural vote, the repeal legislation will […]

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