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Axios: MoveOn Endorses Angela Alsobrooks for Maryland U.S. Senate Race

Read the Axios story here and 2024 election memo here

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, MoveOn Political Action added Maryland to its list of key Senate targets this cycle by endorsing Angela Alsobrooks in her race against former Governor Larry Hogan. This endorsement is part of the organization’s $32 million+ 2024 election program to mobilize millions of young surge voters to protect our freedoms and our democracy from Donald Trump and MAGA extremists. 

“MoveOn members enthusiastically voted to endorse Angela Alsobrooks because she will stand with our people-first agenda and keep the Senate from being a rubber stamp for extremist MAGA policies,” said MoveOn Political Action spokesperson Britt Jacovich. “We need to elect Alsobrooks to the Senate to keep the Supreme Court from going further to the far right, to protect our freedoms and our democracy, and to stop a national abortion ban. MoveOn members know it’s critical that we put Alsobrooks in the Senate and prevent Larry Hogan from giving any more power to the MAGA-run Republican Party.”

You can read MoveOn’s 2024 election plan memo in full here, with key excerpts below. 

  • In 2024, our democracy, abortion access, and fundamental freedoms are at stake like never before, and MoveOn is meeting the moment. To secure a Democratic trifecta, we are strategically addressing the enthusiasm gap among Democratic voters by narrowing in on young surge voters in battleground states and House districts.
  • Within this surge voter population of more than 11 million across our target geographies, MoveOn is narrowing in on young voters and voters who need to be moved to turn out again for the Biden coalition. These surge voters are often motivated to vote through tailored appeals on issues that have the biggest impact on their day-to-day lives.
  • MoveOn will continue to utilize voter contact tactics that have proven to be successful from previous cycles, including house parties, targeted digital ads, and direct voter contact through phone-banking, canvassing, and vote tripling, where committed voters remind friends and family to GOTV.


MoveOn is celebrating 25 years of people-powered progress this year. For more than a generation, MoveOn has built independent political power and mobilized the left to elect Democrats and enact progressive change. MoveOn is a bulwark against the radical right, channeling our collective voices to drive progressive foreign policy, protect democracy, and advance justice for all.