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Author: MoveOn

“Trump is Not Above the Law” Billboard Near Mar-a-Lago

“TRUMP IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW”: That is the message that loomed over Donald Trump last Tuesday, April 4, as he returned to Mar-a-Lago from his arrest and arraignment in Manhattan. It’s the takeaway from prosecutors’ willingness to bring criminal charges against the former president—in just one of several investigations finally aiming to hold him […]

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Bans Off Our Bodies Highlights: Over a Million Rally!

This weekend, over a million people joined Bans Off Our Bodies marches across the nation. And we should feel hope. Hope for a world where everyone has bodily autonomy. A world where everyone is respected, valued, and has fully protected civil and human rights. After countless attacks on abortion and reproductive rights, people came together to […]

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Take action to #ProtectOurCare!

Thanks for your interest in taking action to defeat Trumpcare! Here are several ways to raise your voice. 1- Text CARE to 668366 for real-time updates about actions that we can take to protect health care coverage! 2- Call your senators to demand they oppose Trumpcare Dial (844)214-8780, then provide your zip code to be connected with your senators. Ask […]

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