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Announcing MoveOn.org’s 2012 Debate Dashboard. RSVP Now To Plug In With Us As It All Unfolds!

What if someone was collecting all the best fact checks, tweets, Facebook updates, and graphics as they became available during the debate? What if you could also live stream the debate right from the same page? We are! You can!

Join us on MoveOn.org starting at 8:30pm ET tonight to have everything you need to monitor during the last presidential debate. Are you in?

RSVP for #DebateWatch here:

We’ll be your one stop source for fact checks and — get this —fact check graphics, faster than you’ll see them anywhere else. With analysis from reliable, independent sources like Center For American Progress Action Fund and Think Progress.

There are bound to be lots of memorable “OMG, did he really say that?” moments in this debate. Together, we can seize every opportunity to spread the truth far and wide!

Let the games begin!

    Brought to you by:

  • Think Progress
  • Center for American Progress