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MoveOn statement on Sen. Cardin choosing war over diplomacy
11226029_10152986063815493_3684371172990351723_o Political Action Executive Director Ilya Sheyman had the following statement in response to news that Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) will oppose the nuclear deal with Iran and will try to put the nation on the path to war: “Senator Cardin’s deeply troubling decision to oppose the historic diplomatic agreement with Iran amounts to support […]

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Diplomacy Defended: How Progressives Stopped a March to War in 60 Days

A 60-day clock started ticking the moment negotiators announced the Iran diplomacy deal and submitted it to Congress—and war hawks set expectations that they’d use the summer to derail the historic agreement. Instead, MoveOn members and many allies hit the streets—and by September 2 secured enough votes to defend the deal and avoid another costly […]

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Chip in to help Syrian refugee families

Dear MoveOn member, By now, you’ve probably seen the photo of the body of a drowned 3-year-old Syrian refugee named Aylan Kurdi, found on a beach in Turkey—still wearing his tiny Velcro sneakers, blue shorts, and a red T-shirt.1 (I won’t paste it here. You can easily find it online.) The refugee crisis stemming in part […]

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Sen. Mikulski becomes 34th Senate Iran deal supporter
20150820_Moveon_IranDeal_ThankYou_Continued_BarbaraMikulski Civic Action Executive Director Anna Galland had the following statement today in response to news that Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski will support the historic nuclear deal with Iran, meaning 34 senators—enough to prevent a veto override—now support the deal: “Diplomacy won big today, but our fight is not over. Sen. Barbara Mikulski’s careful examination […]

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