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WOW: All Of These People Want @MittRomney To Come Clean On His Taxes

Join the campaign by tweeting #ReleaseTheReturns @MittRomney, and don’t forget to share this page!

Just yesterday, a news story broke in the Boston Globe(1) that Mitt Romney may have been in charge of Bain Capital for longer than he previously reported—and now the heat is on Romney to explain what really went on. The press is all over the story, and people everywhere are wondering what Mitt is hiding by not releasing his tax returns from this period.

One simple way for Romney to let everyone know he’s telling the truth would be to just release his tax returns. So far, he has released only one year’s tax return, compared to the twelve his father released when running for president, and the 23 Mitt gave the McCain campaign in 2008 when they were considering him for vice president.(2)

That’s why we’re running a huge campaign demanding that Romney come clean with the public and release his tax returns. And there’s one way in particular that you can help the push: by using Twitter to keep the heat on Romney to release his returns.

Because Twitter is so public, if enough of us pile on it will be unavoidable for the Romney campaign. And if tons of us are tweeting, reporters may take an interest, carrying our message even further. Can you join in?

1. “Romney stayed longer at Bain,” The Boston Globe, July 12, 2012 http://bo.st/LcJd2K
2. “Biden: Romney, unlike father, not releasing years of tax returns to the public,” The Washington Post, July 10, 2012 http://wapo.st/P3llDV