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Why vaccines matter

Melissa L. from California recently shared this powerful story about how her 10-year-old daughter is being impacted by the vaccine debate right now:

Melissa’s daughter is in remission from leukemia. After missing countless days of school, she was finally able to return to the classroom, and to her friends. But now, because of the rising number of measles cases in her area, Melissa is worried that she might need to pull her daughter out of school again—despite the fact that her daughter was vaccinated against the measles, her weakened immune system makes her vulnerable, forcing her to depend on herd immunity for protection.

Stories like Melissa’s put a human face on the threat of a measles epidemic, showing the world exactly who pays the price when parents don’t vaccinate their children. Can you take a moment right now to share this powerful quote from Melissa with your family and friends via Facebook or Twitter?MO-Vaccine