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What We Achieved Together in 2022

What a year! With you and fellow MoveOn members, we were able to successfully prevent a MAGA Republican “red wave” and win essential elections while passing game-changing legislation—all in a political environment shaped by dark money, disinformation, and right-wing structural advantages. While it was a challenging year on many fronts, it was also one marked by historic achievements—many of which millions of MoveOn members helped make happen with our people-powered, grassroots work.

We prevented a red wave, expanded the Democratic Senate majority, and elected governors and secretaries of state who will defend democracy:

  • We helped reelect Senator Raphael Warnock and helped John Fetterman win the Pennsylvania Senate race.

  • We elected secretaries of state and governors in states critical to the 2024 presidential election, defeating all the most extreme, Trump-backed election deniers for offices that help run elections.

  • MoveOn members made over 1 million phone calls, donated more than $1 million directly to candidates in critical races, and endorsed nearly 100 Democrats and progressive champions for Senate, House of Representatives, governorships, and secretaries of state.

You can read the full MoveOn 2022 Election Report here.


We put wind in the sails of Congress to have one of the most productive sessions in history and pushed the Biden administration to use its power to make this economy work for all of us, not just the superwealthy:

  • Democrats in Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which will cap out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs for Americans on Medicare, make a historic investment in green jobs and our climate future, and make corporations pay more of their fair share.

  • This was one of the most productive sessions of Congress in decades—and even in the final days of Congress, we saw the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act to prevent an illegitimate right-wing Supreme Court from undoing federally recognized equality for same-sex and interracial marriages.

  • Our rallies, petitions, letters to the editor, actions on Capitol Hill, and ongoing advocacy helped lead to President Biden’s historic announcement to cancel significant amounts of student debt which has been weighing down our economy.


We showed up for abortion rights and access throughout the year and at the ballot box:

  • When the illegitimate, Trump-packed Supreme Court overturned the protections of Roe, hundreds of thousands of MoveOn members took the “Our Bodies. Our Vote.” pledge to defeat Republicans in November.

  • We invested in hard-hitting messaging and ads that put abortion rights front and center in key races and bolstered Democrats who were willing to make this a central issue in 2022.

  • We continued to “Roe the Vote”—with actions and birddogging around the country and with videos highlighting the voices of MoveOn members.


We continued to hold Trump accountable, tell the truth about the deadly January 6 insurrection, and fight against the sources of MAGA disinformation:

  • We fought back against the corruption of Clarence Thomas, who has refused to recuse himself from cases that touch on his wife’s involvement in the attempted coup, as more than 1 million of us called for his impeachment, delivered the petitions to Capitol Hill, and ran ads in newspapers about his unfitness to serve.

  • We ran campaigns against General Motors, Apple, and other corporations to force them to break ties with and support of the Republicans who were part of the deadly insurrection and attempts to overturn the election—and helped win the campaign for AT&T to stop funding One America Network, a major right-wing source of disinformation on January 6 and the pandemic.

  • We lifted up the work of the January 6 committee, helping their findings cut through disinformation and media noise and calling on them to make criminal referrals, which they did just this past week.

  • After defeating Trump’s MAGA candidates for secretary of state, we prepared to take on Trump himself—meeting his campaign announcement with our own campaign to defeat him at the ballot box while holding him accountable for his crimes, because nobody is above the law.

We did all of this our way—with grassroots donations, people-powered action, member-driven campaigns, strategic partnerships, and cross-movement collaboration. Millions of MoveOn members took action this year—from signing petitions to calling Congress to showing up in the streets to participating in voter outreach and so much more. And we were powered by millions of grassroots donations, with an average gift of under $15.

And that’s not all. Throughout the year, MoveOn members took to the streets, the phones, the steps of the Capitol, their local town squares and congressional offices, the airwaves, the pages of local newspapers, and social media to power progressive change, make history, and stand with communities under attack by the right wing.


MoveOn members fought to pass laws, to keep pressure up for congressional and administrative action for an America that works for all, and to secure a historic confirmation to the Supreme Court:

  • Hundreds of thousands of MoveOn members took action to support the confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and to celebrate the historic confirmation of this exceptional judge. At the same time, MoveOn members lifted up the call to expand and rebalance the court in order to counter the influence of right-wing court-packing and restore integrity to the institution.

  • MoveOn members pushed Democrats to pass the first gun safety laws in decades, the Emmett Till Antilynching Act, support for veterans’ health, and reforms to strengthen the Postal Service.
  • Members have continued to work with Dreamers to make DACA permanent and support our immigrant neighbors against anti-immigrant policy and bias.

  • From fighting for nominees to the Federal Reserve Board to backing up the antitrust work of the Federal Trade Commission, MoveOn members fought alongside champions in government who are seeking to rein in corporate power and put consumers first.


MoveOn members mobilized around the country when the right wing attacked our rights, freedoms, and communities:

  • MoveOn members took to the streets with Planned Parenthood and other national allies to host more than 1,000 “Bans Off Our Bodies” rallies with more than 1 million participants in May and June—while also raising funds directly for abortion providers in states where Republicans passed the harshest laws to deny pregnant people the health care they need.

  • As Texas, Florida, and other states attacked trans youth and their families, MoveOn members worked directly with state-based allies to fight against these assaults. In light of the ongoing attacks on LGBTQ+ communities, we launched Generation Rainbow, a site dedicated to launching and supporting petitions centered on LGBTQ+ equality, rights, and respect.

  • When right-wing activists ramped up their book bans, nearly 200,000 MoveOn members demanded school districts not ban books about the Holocaust, and hundreds of thousands more took action to push back against other bans attempting to censor books on slavery, gender, racial justice, and more.

  • After the massacres in Buffalo and Uvalde, we took action to take on the interlocking cultures of white supremacy and gun violence—with petitions against Tucker Carlson’s white supremacist rantings on Fox News and actions against the NRA’s convention in Texas just days after the Uvalde school shooting.


MoveOn members took action in solidarity against militarism and for freedom around the world:

  • After Putin launched a devastating and unfounded war on Ukraine, MoveOn members donated more than $1 million to relief organizations and took action to promote diplomacy and show solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

  • MoveOn members called on the American media to do better around the uprising in Iran, to center the voices of women and young people who are leading the uprising, and to stop spreading misinformation that bolsters the current regime.

Across these measures, millions of MoveOn members signed petitions, organized petition deliveries, wrote op-eds, made tens of thousands of phone calls, and made sure the slimmest Democratic majority had people-powered activism propelling it forward.

MoveOn is its members. Our work in 2022 is a testament to what all of us have done together and a promise of what we can do together. So THANK YOU for being part of this work and this community this year!

We know that MAGA has been damaged but is not defeated. We know that the dangers of white supremacy, disinformation, and corporate power continue to influence our democracy, our society, and our daily lives.

We also know that when all of us work together, we can achieve big, powerful victories. MoveOn’s membership represents a broad base of fellow Americans committed to justice. Together, we’ll continue to show care for our communities and build the political power needed to effect longlasting change.

Thanks for all you do.