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Warren, supporters push back on TPP and Fast-Track – Run Warren Run news, 3/16

This is one in a series of semi-regular updates on our Run Warren Run effort and Senator Warren’s work to give all Americans a fighting chance.

WARREN AND SUPPORTERS CONTINUE TO PUSH BACK ON TPP AND FAST-TRACK: Senator Warren is continuing her push to prevent legislation granting Fast-Track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a secret trade agreement that could, among other consequences, allow corporations to undermine U.S. sovereignty, and The Sydney Morning Herald’s John Garnaut notes that Senator Warren’s opposition could be a key factor:

Ms Warren’s ferocious attack on the TPP has caused Congress to balk at giving the Obama administration the fast-track authority it needs to seal a deal during the only realistic window of political opportunity prior to the US presidential election in November 2016, said Mr Robb.  

CNN’s Eric Bradner noted Warren, though leading the populist charge against the TPP, is pushing for bipartisan support:  “She called on ‘conservatives who believe in American sovereignty’ and libertarians to back her position, too.” Read it here:

Elizabeth Warren challenges Obama (and Clinton) on trade

MOVEON, DEMOCRACY FOR AMERICA, WFP MEMBERS JOIN ALLIES FROM CWA AND PUBLIC CITIZEN’S GLOBAL TRADE WATCH IN ANTI-TPP PUSH. This week, thousands of MoveOn and Democracy for America members stopped by local Congressional offices urging their elected officials to oppose Fast-Track for the TPP, and to thank members of Congress who have already stood up against Fast-Track. See some photos from the drop-bys here.


ROBERT REICH STRESSES IMPORTANCE OF COMPETITIVE PRIMARY: Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich discussed the importance of competitive primary for the Democratic party in 2016 on MSNBC’s ‘All In with Chris Hayes’.


HAYES: “If I’ve learned one thing covering politics, it’s that competition breeds excellence. And I think it’s time for a little competition.” 

REICH: “… As you just said, what we know from politics, from primaries, from presidential elections is that when you have a strong primary challenger, it helps the actual general election challenger/nominee to be better, to have a sharper message, to be asked questions, to practice questions. It helps the public understand what the central issues are. … It seems to me very important for Democrats to be able during the primary season to have a debate about what’s important to Democrats, what’s important to the country, in terms of, well, let’s say inequality – widening inequality of income and wealth. The Republicans are not going to debate this in any serious way; if the Democrats don’t have a primary debate, then the news is going to be focused on the Republican race and basically nobody’s going to know what’s at stake.

HAYES: “I completely agree.” 

Citing the 2008 election, Reich said primaries with a strong challenger shape the nominee to have a cleaner message and forms public opinion on what the central issues are.

IAFF Conference

‘A VOICE FOR WORKING PEOPLE’: Warren spoke recently at the International Association of Firefighters Conference, touching on economic issues. MSNBC’s Anna Brand described the tone of the speech:

“For someone who has repeatedly denied plans to run for president, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren sure sounded like a potential 2016 candidate on Monday, when she talked about what she can personally do for the working class and for Washington.”

NBC News’ Luke Russert covered the conference for MSNBC, noting the high level of interest in Senator Warren’s message:



Cora Metrick-Chen, a December 2014 graduate of the UI, will work on the UI campus. David Parkinson, a 2014 Iowa State graduate, will work in Ames. Lastly, Jim Freerksen, who will graduate from Drake in December 2016, will oversee efforts at the Des Moines-based university.

RT Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs): Run Warren Run has hired three campus-based organizers to talk up Elizabeth Warren, MoveOn.org Political Action says. #iacaucus

READY FOR WARREN’S ERICA SAGRANS ON MSNBC: Erica Sagrans discussed the draft Warren movement with Thomas Roberts:

“Elizabeth Warren has always been a reluctant politician… She was didn’t originally plan to run for senate but was drafted to run and was encouraged to run and decided to do it because she saw she could make a difference So we believe we can draft her here again and get her into the 2016 race.”

MORE ‘ARTISTS FOR WARREN’: The Hollywood Reporter’s Tina Daunt and Tatiana Siegel mentioned the growing group of artists supporting Warren. Norman Lear, a writer and producer, said, “I think Elizabeth Warren would make a great president.” The article also notes the Artists for Warren movement:

“MoveOn.org has been organizing “Run Warren Run” gatherings on L.A.’s Westside. Among the movement’s supporters are Mark Ruffalo, Edward Norton, Susan Sarandon, Matt Bomer and Darren Aronofsky.

‘THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON’ ON WARREN’S ECONOMIC MESSAGE. Jimmy Fallon noted a recent speech by Senator Warren:

“During a recent speech, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren said that big banks have helped rig the economy against working people. Banks are like, that’s not true, we also screwed a lot of unemployed people, too. We even charged them a getting screwed fee.”

Watch the “Tonight Show” clip here.