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VICTORY: Senate Passes Filibuster Reform


Since President Obama was elected, Republican senators have been using the filibuster to block critical executive branch and judicial nominations. MoveOn members and progressive champs in the Senate, like Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon, have been working tirelessly to pass meaningful filibuster reform and fix the dysfunction in Washington. Sen. Merkley started a MoveOn Petition telling the Senate to pass real filibuster reform, which gathered more than 25,000 signatures. MoveOn members like Ned Jeter, James Hammond, Beth Allen of Fix the Senate Now, Cynthia Liu along with the Working Families Party, and Chris Bowers of Daily Kos all started MoveOn Petitions calling on the Senate to reform filibuster rules and make Washington work better for all Americans.

Thanks to the millions of Americans who demanded reform, the Senate voted on November 21 to end the practice of filibustering on presidential nominations to the executive branch and to the courts (except the Supreme Court). This vote was a huge step forward in making the Senate work for ordinary Americans again.