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Venue Rules for Hosting a Voters Rising MoveOn Call Party

Q: Where can I hold my call party?

First, please find a venue for free.

A:The best location for a call party is usually your own home or someone else’s home.

If you want to hold your event in another location, it’s best to find a space that’s free of charge and open to the public, that can seat at least 20 people. A library meeting room or community center is perfect. Some restaurants and bars have back rooms that they allow groups to use for free.

The ideal venue will allow you to bring potluck food in, or buy it there. Food makes every event better! Look first for resources that are free to all organizations/groups — like a library community room.

If you must pay for a venue, you may NOT use that venue. That could be counted as an in-kind contribution to MoveOn, and we are not set up to track or account for that.

Q: Can I hold my call party at a church, business, or nonprofit organization?

A: Events hosted at or by a business, nonprofit, or church must follow these strict rules:

  • They must be held in a space which is given out FREE OF CHARGE to ANYONE — any group or individuals — who request it.
  • Note that churches and other 501c3’s may have their own concerns about IRS regulations and political activities taking place in their space; you can check with them to see if they have those concerns.

Q: Can I hold my call party at a Democratic or other party headquarters?

A: No. That could be an in-kind corporate contribution to MoveOn, and isn’t allowed.

Q: Can I hold my call party at a university?

A: University spaces ARE allowed if the university would allow any student to use that space free of charge.