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The people of Flint, Michigan have been forced to drink poisoned water for 671 days (and counting). Yet Governor Rick Snyder still hasn’t committed to immediately replacing all of Flint’s lead pipes. What’s he waiting for?

Gov. Snyder is dragging his feet, and that’s why we’ve got to keep the pressure on him. So we’re launching #UnPureMichigan—a social media initiative that parodies the state’s official tourism campaign to call Gov. Snyder out for his outrageous actions. There are so many great things about Michigan—but there’s nothing pure about what Gov. Snyder is up to or what he’s doing to his own citizens.

Tell Governor Snyder: there is no #PureMichigan when Flint water has been poisoned for over 670 days.

.@onetoughnerd poisoned Flint. #UnPureMichigan

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.@onetoughnerd lead affects the way children think, act, and what they can accomplish in their entire lives. #UnPureMichigan

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Hey, @onetoughnerd, have you seen the #UnPureMichigan you created because of #FlintWaterCrisis?

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Sometimes the call of @onetoughnerd yells, “You can’t trust our water so bring your own!” #UnPureMichigan

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In #UnPureMichigan, even fire trucks aren’t safe from corrosion b/c of contaminated water. @onetoughnerd

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You too can visit #UnPureMichigan, but be sure to bring your own water!

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Thousands of children facing health issues because of poisoned water in @onetoughnerd’s #UnPureMichigan. #Flint

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