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Trump’s racism isn’t just racism. It’s a strategy.

In a new exclusive video with MoveOn.org Civic Action, Demos Action, and Inequality Media, leading progressives voices Demos’s Heather McGhee and University of California-Berkeley Professor Ian F. Haney López expose the many ways in which Donald Trump uses racism as a strategy to divide Americans—for his own gain and for the benefit of others in his tax bracket—by inflaming the two greatest sources of anxiety for many white people: economic insecurity and demographic change.

But McGhee and López turn Trump’s poisonous strategy upside down by showing us how progressives can also connect race and class to build the powerful, multiracial movement necessary to build an economy and democracy for everybody, not just a wealthy few.


“A new and enduring progressive majority rests of getting past racial divisions and recognizing that we have to pull government back onto the side of everybody,” says Ian F. Haney López, a law professor at the University of California–Berkeley, in the video. “We can only do this through a multiracial coalition.”

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