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MoveOn on Trump’s First Post-Election Press Conference

This morning, Donald Trump held his first official press conference since the election at Trump Tower in New York City. At the press conference, Trump was questioned on issues related to conflicts of interest, moving his assets into a blind trust, tax returns, approach to the media, and ties to Russia, amongst other topics.

Statement from Ilya Sheyman, executive director of MoveOn.org Political Action:

“Donald Trump’s first press conference since the election raises serious concern about the future of our democracy and about the media’s ability to hold the president accountable.

“Today, we watched as Trump refused to put his assets into a blind trust and refused to release his tax returns; declared himself above the law with regards to the GSA and the Old Post Office building turned Trump hotel; rehashed personal attacks against Hillary Clinton and others from the 2016 campaign; dodged questions about his campaign’s collaboration with Russia; and slandered journalists. Even the timing of this press conference was clearly designed to divert the public’s attention away from Trump’s controversial cabinet picks.

“Attacks on press freedoms and intimidation tactics are unacceptable. The specter of authoritarianism is rising and all Americans, elected officials, media outlets, and civil society institutions must decide which side they’re on—and vigorously defend our democracy.”

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