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MoveOn Reacts to Trump’s Reported Executive Orders on Keystone, DAPL Pipelines

Statement from Anna Galland, executive director of MoveOn.org Civic Action:

“Less than four days into Trump’s Presidency, it is clear that the next four years will be about catering to corporate interests and big donors instead of putting American families and communities first.

“Overruling the scientists and experts who have previously warned about the dangers of these pipelines puts big oil profits above all else. This move by the President is dangerous, reckless and heartless.

“When the Army Corps of Engineers rejected a proposal from Energy Transfer Partners to drill under the Missouri River to build the Dakota Access pipeline, they did it because it would trample Tribal Rights, jeopardize critical water systems, and threaten the wellbeing of thousands of people across multiple states. The Keystone XL pipeline is just as problematic; its construction would seize land from local farmers, risk farming in the Great Plains, undermine clean air and safe water, and contribute to catastrophic climate change.

“MoveOn members were proud to stand with the Standing Rock Sioux as well as people across Nebraska who have fought hard to oppose these dangerous and unnecessary pipelines that threatened their land and livelihoods. We are ready to stand with them again and expect the same of Democrats in Washington. This fight is just beginning.”