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MoveOn Member Stories: Why I’m a Vote Mobilizer

By Todd, MoveOn member

The rights of so many are at stake this election cycle. As a proud gay man, I cannot just stand by and see my rights made unavailable to me. But I know this election cycle in particular, it’s not only my rights that are on the line, but the rights of all underrepresented communities. We need to fight for all of our rights to make sure that our needs are met and our voices are heard. Having our voices heard is so important because I know that if you speak with confidence, conviction, and from the heart, your voice can resonate in so many people’s lives.

I am making sure my voice and the voices of others are heard as a Vote Mobilizer with MoveOn. As a Vote Mobilizer, I work with a team of 10 people together in battleground states and act as their guide to the polls. I make sure they are registered, that everyone knows when and how they are voting. I make sure they have a ride to either drop-off their mail-in ballot or to the polls on Election Day. I follow up with them and make sure they actually voted. I’m also on MoveOn’s support team, so I also help other Vote Mobilizers create their team of 10 people. My hope is that the Vote Mobilizer program can have a ripple effect. I want to be the drop of water that gets 10 people to vote, and hopefully they will also get 10 more people to vote, and so on.

My vote team includes a lot of my friends here in Florida where I live and people in my home state of Montana–both of which are battleground states. It’s particularly exciting because in Jacksonville, FL, if we can get just enough Democrats to vote and flip the county, we could turn the whole state blue.

Together with my vote team, I’ll be working to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I support them because they are, unlike our current administration, for the people. They truly want what is good for this country and they want to undo the damage of this administration by uniting everybody back together. They will be able to repair this country’s now besmirched reputation with the rest of the world. We need to heal from the division this administration has created, so I will be calling everyone on my list 20 times to make sure they get out the vote in November.

Listen to Todd’s story here.

– – –

MoveOn members and Vote Mobilizers like Todd want to make sure that we can remove Donald Trump from office. Vote Mobilizers are building teams of at least 10 eligible voters across battleground states to make sure people have plans to get out the vote in November. Together, we’ll create a better tomorrow.