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THIS WEEK IN NEW YORK CITY: MoveOn Launches Member-Funded “SchumerMobile” Mobile Billboard Rebuking Sen. Schumer’s Opposition to Iran Deal


The mobile billboard launches on Monday outside Sen. Schumer’s office. During the week, it will visit iconic New York City landmarks and the offices of six New York Democrats who have yet to announce whether they will support the historic nuclear agreement with Iran.

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NEW YORK CITY – On Monday, MoveOn.org Political Action will launch a week-long mobile billboard tour of New York to publicly rebuke Sen. Charles Schumer’s opposition to the historic nuclear agreement with Iran—and show still-undecided Democrats what they can expect if they side with war hawks.

The 22-foot by 10-foot “SchumerMobile” mobile billboard will debut on Monday outside Sen. Schumer’s Manhattan office, where New York MoveOn members and allies will demonstrate with signs, a mobile selfie photo booth, a Twitter station with a life-size cutout of the New York senator, and by making video messages conveying the importance of supporting the deal to send to Sen. Schumer.

Featuring yearbook-style photos of senators, the mobile billboard depicts Sen. Schumer with the superlative “MOST LIKELY TO START A WAR” and his colleague, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), as the runner-up. Schumer and Menendez are the only two Senate Democrats currently opposing the deal.

WHAT: SchumerMobile Mobile Billboard Launch

WHEN: Monday, August 31, 2015 – Noon ET

WHERE: Sen. Charles Schumer’s Manhattan Office, 780 Third Ave (between 48th and 49th)

VISUALS: In addition to the 22×10 mobile billboard, MoveOn members will take selfies and record videos with a life-size Chuck Schumer cutout and carry “No War with Iran” signs.

RSVP: Please RSVP to press@moveon.org.



Throughout the week, the mobile billboard will crisscross the area, making stops at iconic New York landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Zoo, the United Nations, and Rockefeller Center, among others. The billboard will also be stationed outside the offices of Democratic members of Congress who have yet to announce whether they will support the deal, including Rep. Charles Rangel, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, Rep. Yvette Clarke, Rep. Nydia Velazquez, Rep. Gregory Meeks, and Rep. Joseph Crowley.

*** Please contact press@moveon.org for detailed route maps and information on various stops in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. ***

“Senator Charles Schumer is one of only two Senate Democrats to side with Republican war hawks against the historic diplomatic agreement with Iran—and he wants to be the next Senate Democratic Leader,” said MoveOn Campaign Director Jo Comerford. “That’s why MoveOn members are launching the SchumerMobile—a pro-diplomacy mobile billboard that will travel around New York City to hold Sen. Schumer accountable for choosing war over diplomacy and show still-undecided local and national Democrats a bit of what they can expect if they side with the war hawks.”

Earlier this month, MoveOn members launched a donor strike in response to Sen. Schumer’s opposition; to date, more than 185,000 members have pledged to withhold $43 million in donations from any Democrats (or party committee supporting them) should they undermine diplomacy.

MoveOn members have committed to defend this historic nuclear agreement and prevent war hawks from dragging the U.S. into another war of choice in the Middle East. Activists have shown up at hundreds of August recess events to urge Democrats to support the deal, and they held a recent National Day of Action with more than 200 in-district events.